Midwest City Plumbers – Why is a spot on my ground constantly wet?

This content was written for Spot On Plumbing

If you have been noticing a certain area on your yard holding water your helpful Midwest City plumbers can assist you with that issue.
What if the plant life there grows a little greener or just better overall than the surrounding space? Could you have a leak in a plumbing line in your yard? If you suspect a leak, call Spot On Plumbing. We will send one of our pros out to your home to investigate and solve the mystery.

Is your water bill higher than normal? Are you a bit handy and have scoured your entire home? You have been searching for the reason your bill has creeped higher and higher, but cannot track it down…
Hold on– I am distracted by a side story– One time, my water bill came and it was outrageously high. I could not believe how much water they said my family of three had used!
I made the water department print out an entire two months daily usage and literally stood outside at my meter with the poor guys from the water department adding up the figures on my bill verses the numbers their system reported that I had used. I broke out a clipboard and calculator you guys. I can get a little extra when it comes to tracking down a problem! You know who else hound dogs a problem like that? Spot On Plumbing, that’s who. You can guarantee they are going to find the offending leak and fix it right! By the way, I was right about the water departments equipment being faulty. I won a sweet, sweet victory that glorious day!!

Ok back to the topic at hand. If you are noticing that your water bill is high and you cannot seem to spot an obvious reason. For example, a leaking faucet, a running toilet etc. Then there is a possibility that you could have a slightly more serious issue going on. You do not want to let something like that continue at your Midwest City plumbers home for very long at all. Our plumbers will come out and do whatever it takes to locate the leak. Some signs you can look for outside are areas of grass or other vegetation that are just growing at a much better rate than the surrounding plant life. A constantly wet area of your yard, that isn’t just a natural low lying space that ground water runs off in too. This is an issue that needs your prompt attention. Call us today and we can get you scheduled for an estimate.

On a more serious, and I know this is not really a fun topic. But if you are noticing your bill go up and you have checked all over your house and your yard, then there is another possibility that you could have a plumbing leak in the slab of your Midwest City plumbers home. Or if you have a crawl space then you could have pipes leaking into that space as well. Slab leaks can eventually lead to much more serious foundational issues with your home. You do not want that to progress. Call Spot On Plumbing today and we can save you money and future headaches by locating and repairing any plumbing leak issues you may be experiencing.