Tulsa Plumbers – Get ahead of the game

This content was written for spot on Plumbing

Have you ever hired in Tulsa plumber to come out to your home? Did they show up do the job take your money and leave? Did you have to call them back out the very next day or the next week for some other repair job? Did they charge you for another service call? At spot-on plumbing we offer a whole house inspection.

When our Tulsa plumbers come to your home and finish your job, you have the option to request a whole home safety checklist inspection at no additional charge. Our well-trained staff will inspect your home for water leaks, gas leaks Etc. if you choose to you could go ahead and have them repair a small fix right then instead of having to call them back out and pay another service charge and another bill. We offer this service so you’re not inconvenienced by having to take more time out of your busy schedule in order to fix your plumbing repairs. Don’t let a small leak continue in your home for months undetected. This can cause a whole host of other repair issues that you will now have to remedy. You don’t ever want to put off any type of suspicious odor in your home this could be a natural gas leak, If you ever smell gas call a plumber immediately.

Even if you don’t have a plumbing repair that you’re aware of that needs to be made we can still come out and do a brief home inspection. We offer a 10-point+ home safety plumbing inspection. This covers your main shut off valve, your water heater which includes your vent your gas line your water lines your drain lines and your CO detector. Your furnace which includes your vent your gas lines and your drain lines, your gas lines for proper valves, flex lines and unions. Your kitchen sink including your stops, your supply lines, your drains ,your garbage disposal and your faucets. Your bathroom sinks which include your stops, your supply lines, your drains and your faucets. We also check your tub and shower drains and faucets also. If you have a utility room sink we can inspect that too along with your washer box to make sure you don’t have any surprise leaks or worse a dangerous situation.

Are awesome Google reviews speak for themselves we’re ranked high on all of our other lead generation websites as well we’re people continually hire us from. we strive to offer our customers affordable plumbing repairs we do not want to come in and just reach into your back pocket and take every dime out of your wallet. our staff is licensed the rigorously vetted and background checked, we care about who were sending into your home.

So if you are planning on purchasing a home or selling a home or you’ve lived in your home for a while and you just want someone to come in and give you some peace of mind, or detect a small problem before it turns into a large problem. call spot on Plumbing today.