Tulsa Plumbers | Gas leak

This content was written for spot on Plumbing

Have you called other Tulsa plumbers when you smelled a strange odor? Have other plumbers not taking you seriously when you called? At spot on Plumbing we take all of our customers request seriously. If you have ever smell a rotten egg or sulfur smelling type of smell, call us immediately. Gas leaks can be very serious and are often considered a plumbing emergency.

We take gas leak so seriously that if you cannot reach us, you must reach out to your local gas company that services your home or business or wherever you were smelling the gas. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound there are steps that you should take immediately. You should leave the area as soon as possible. Do not light any flames. No matches, no candles, no lighters or any type of flame source do not light it. Do not turn on any electrical appliances or lights off or on. Do not operate motorized equipment or vehicles or use any device that could cause a spark. Once you feel like you are a safe location do not hesitate to call your Tulsa plumbers we will come out and assess the situation and fix your problem.

Some things you need to remember when Tulsa Plumbers are doing work on a gas line. you may have to make other arrangements depending on the season. If the gas company has shut off your gas due to a leak or a potential leak then you will need to make arrangements or somewhere else to stay if it is in the dead of winter. If you are reliant on gas heat during the winter, you may need to stay with a friend or family member or at a hotel. The reason for this is because most cities and states regulate the plumbing industry and require a permit to be pulled before any gas line repair work is completed. a city inspector will then have to be called back and scheduled to do a final inspection to make sure the problem is fixed correctly. this can seem like a minor inconvenience but it is for everyone’s safety.

Our excellent Plumbing staff is skilled at doing gas line repair work. even though you may feel like you know where the gas leak is coming from our excellent plumbers will do a brief inspection of your location to ensure that there are no more gas leaks than what you think is there. we have numerous Google reviews regarding our work they speak for themselves our staff is educated and trained regularly to stay up with current code.

We will try to get your job completed in a very timely manner and as inexpensively as possible. remember if you smell gas or if you hear a hissing sound or if you even have something as crazy as you can light your ground or your water on fire. then you need to stop playing with fire even though it’s fun and call us to come out and fix your gas leak.