Midwest City Plumbers – Company is coming…

This content was written for Spot On Plumbing.

Picture this: you are sitting in your Midwest City plumbers home and the phone rings… Company is coming. You must prepare. Leaking faucets, clogged drains, running toilets, frozen garbage disposers. All of these things can turn a pleasant visit into an ongoing nightmare!
Have you ever had a leaking faucet? How about running out of hot water
before your shower is finished? Have you ever been in the embarrassing situation
Of having a toilet overflow while you have visitors in your home? Spot on plumbing can help you with all of these issues.

In an ideal world when you called Spot On Plumbing of Midwest City plumbers to come check out the clog in your tub. You would remember that your faucet is leaking or your sink hose has this neat trick it does. Every time you turn it on it showers you with leaking water of varying temps at all sorts of funky angles. However, we understand that life gets busy and you did not remember. Fortunately for you we offer a quick and free of charge home plumbing inspection to check for some of life’s little plumbing surprises. We fixed your sink hose while we there instead of you having to call us back out, and now you don’t have to be embarrassed because your house guest got an unwanted shower.

Even though we fixed the issue that day, sadly you were not one hundred percent satisfied with our work and called us back out to your home. We did not try and argue with you, we did not try and make excuses to you. We came back to your MidWest City plumbers home. We investigated the issue you were not happy with. And we made sure the job was finished to your complete and total satisfaction. We left your home with you feeling confident that your plumbing repair job will not be inconveniencing you any longer.

We offer a one year warranty on our labor and our parts that we provide, that you purchase from us. We love giving the best service possible and want our customers to be happy with our work. We believe that our great customer service really sets us apart from our competition! If a job needs a call back due to something caused by our labor or a faulty part we are on it and will do our best to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Our one year parts and labor warranty, our commitment to excellent customer service, and our real appreciation for the fact that you chose our company. When we know you had loads of other options from our competitors are what sets us apart. Our employees are rigorously screened before we ever hire them. They are job shadowed and trained to give you the very highest and best level of customer service they can give. Call us today to schedule that repair and get your complimentary inspection.